Concerns that too many policies and programs do not deliver the benefits expected of them when they are rolled out in the “real world” of everyday practice has led an increasing number of researchers, policymakers and service providers to question what needs to happen when policies and program initiatives are implemented on the ground to ensure they achieve what they set out to achieve. This emerging field of inquiry is referred to as Implementation Science.

To explore how we can improve the implementation of policies and programs to more effectively deliver better health, education and wellbeing outcomes for Australia, the Parenting Research Centre (PRC) and the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) have combined forces to organise Australia’s first-ever Implementation Conference focusing on the health, education and human service sectors..

In organising this event, the PRC and ARACY have been working with some of Australia’s leading researchers, policymakers and service provision organisations in the health, education and human services sectors towards ensuring that, in “making change happen”, we also ensure that the “change we want... is the change we get”.

We look forward to meeting and working with you in advancing our goal of “making change happen” for the benefit of the people, families and communities of Australia.