Conference Program

Day 2: 26 October 2012







Keynote Speaker

Rooms 105 & 106

Harnessing research evidence to make change happen
Professor John N. Lavis, Director of the McMaster Health Forum, Canada

Sponsored by ISCRR


Panel Discussion

Rooms 105 & 106

Facilitating Policy Implementation: The Inside Story facilitated by Dr Norman Swan
Lisa Paul AO PSM, Secretary, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
Robert Fitzgerald AM, Commissioner, Productivity Commission
Bridget Brill, Assistant Secretary Cabinet Implementation Unit, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
Brian Head, Professor and Program Leader, Institute for Social Science Research, University of Queensland



Sponsored by Wanslea Family Services


Concurrent Session 4A

Rooms 105 & 106

Implementation frameworks for effective, community wide, scale-up

Paper # 111: Adapting Implementation Science to Create an Experience-Informed Implementation Framework - The TPI Implementation Framework
Jenna McWilliam, Triple P International

Paper # 153: Designing an implementation strategy to support the multi-site implementation of an evidence based, culturally appropriate Practice Model for Intensive Family Support Services across the Northern Territory, Australia
Dr Robyn Mildon, Parenting Research Centre

Paper # 68: Implementing effective prevention using Communities that Care: estimating potential effects in reducing adolescent tobacco use, alcohol misuse and obesity in Australian communities
Rachel Smith, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

Sponsored by Micah Projects Inc


Concurrent Session 4B

Room 104

Enabling the use of evidence for effective implementation

Paper # 151: Health Evidence: What we can offer public health by 2012
Kara DeCorby,

Paper # 120: Implementation of a practical model of Knowledge translation to support evidence-informed public health decision-making in Victorian local governments
Dr Rebecca Armstrong, Brockhoff Child Health and Wellbeing Program, University of Melbourne

Paper # 123: Making change happen: processes to embed evidence-informed decision-making into policy development
Helen Mavoa, WHO Collaborating Centre for Obesity Prevention, Deakin University


Concurrent Session 4C

Room 103

Facilitators of effective implementation: lessons learnt

Paper # 66: implementation Salvage: Lessons learnt from the Melbourne Diabetes prevention study
Dino Asproloupos, MDPS Research Group

Paper # 38: Maximising ‘take up’: Forms of implementation fidelity
Dr Tim Moore, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

Paper # 24: Playing with maths: does implementation dosage affect childrens’ learning outcomes? Preliminary findings and recommendations for future curriculum-based implementation studies in early childhood settings
Caroline Cohrssen, E4Kids study, University of Melbourne


Concurrent Session 4D

Room 102

Contextual influences on effective implementation

Paper # 63: Mental health initiatives for children and young people in early childhood settings and schools
Jo Cole, Australian Psychological Society, Chris Champion and Jeremy Hurley, Principals Australia Institute

Paper # 89: Assessing the implementation quality of mental health promotion in educational settings and its influence on differential outcomes
Dr Katherine Dix, Principals Australia Institute

Paper # 80: Development of a school connectedness component of an adolescent injury prevention program: Lessons for implementation
Rebekah L. Chapman, Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety, Queensland University of Technology



1.30 -2.30

Keynote Speaker

Rooms 105 & 106

Achieving Lasting Impact at Scale: What is immutable and what is adaptable? 
Dr Michael Little, Co-Director of The Social Research Unit, UK

Sponsored by Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance, Griffith University


Concurrent Session 5A

Room 105 & 106

Building in evaluation to improve implementation

Paper # 126: Building and using outcomes monitoring systems as part of the implementation process in complex social interventions
Associate Professor Aron Shlonsky, Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto

Paper # 75: A conceptual framework measuring implementation fidelity: Evaluation of the Swedish dissemination of an Australian parenting program
Dr Robyn Mildon, Parenting Research Centre

Paper # 130: Measuring, Assessing and Improving Implementation at Multiple Levels of the Service Delivery System
Dr Allison Metz, National Implementation Research Network, University of North Carolina-Capital Hill


Concurrent Session 5B

Room 104

Enabling the use of evidence for effective implementation

Paper # 150: A tailored, collaborative strategy to develop capacity and facilitate evidence-informed decision making: A case study of three Canadian health departments
Kara DeCorby,

Paper # 72: Lessons learned from the engaging processes on knowledge exchange in Fiji: the Translational Research on Obesity Prevention In Communities (TROPIC) project
Gade Waqa, Pacific Research Centre for the Prevention of Obesity and Non-Communicable Diseases, Fiji National University

Paper # 146: National scale-up of an early parenting program: Evaluating effectiveness under conditions of rapid implementation
Professor Jan Nicholson, Parenting Research Centre


Concurrent Session 5C

Room 103

Evaluation of implementation strategies

Paper # 142: Fidelity to outcomes or content “ challenges for intervention researchers
Professor Donna Cross, Child Health Promotion Research Centre, Edith Cowan University

Paper # 44: The Centre for Clinical Effectiveness: evaluation of an in-house support unit for Evidence Based Practice in a large regional health service
Associate Professor Claire Harris, Centre for Clinical Effectiveness, Southern Health

Paper # 15:  Measuring return on investment in research: a case study
Professor Niki Ellis, Institute for Safety, Compensation and Recovery Research


Concurrent Session 5D

Rooms 102

Designing policies and programs to improve implementation

Paper # 35: Developing a practice approach that is more implementable in a large NGO
Charlie Chubb, UnitingCare Children Young People and Families and Dr Catherine Wade, Parenting Research Centre

Paper # 90: An organisational approach to Implementing evidence-informed practice: Are we there yet?
Greg Antcliff, The Benevolent Society

Paper # 32: Improving outcomes for vulnerable families: Implementing an evidence-informed and practice-informed framework in an agency in Western Australia
Pauline Dixon, Wanslea Family Services


Closing Plenary:
Panel Discussion

Rooms 105 & 106

The AIC in a global context facilitated by Dr Robyn Mildon

Professor Brian Oldenburg, Professor of International Public Health, Associate Dean International, School of Public Health & Preventive Medicine, Monash University

Dr Denise O'Connor, Senior Research Fellow, NHMRC Public Health Fellow, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University

Jacquie Brown, Implementation Specialist, Toronto, Canada

Bianca Albers, Director & Partner, Families and Evidence Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr Allison Metz, Associate Director, National Implementation Research Network, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill