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The Registration desk located on Level 1 will be open from 7.30am-5.30pm Thursday 25 October and 8.00am to 4.00pm Friday 26 October.

About the Venue

The centrepiece of Melbourne's South Wharf development is the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) - Australia's most versatile convention and exhibition facility.

Visitors looking for a truly Melbourne experience will find it encapsulated here at the centre - art, entertainment, culture, food and wine all set among an absolutely stunning, award-winning architectural design. | 

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About Melbourne

Millions of people choose to visit Melbourne each year and for very good reasons.

First, it's one of Australia's most exciting destinations. A large modern city with a rich heritage, it bustles and pumps with a unique fusion of culture, cuisine and beauty. It's also Australia's sporting capital and the heartland of the nation's fashion industry. Melbourne has it all and that's why visitors from all over the world flock to enjoy every one of its bits and pieces.

A lazy stroll around town will have you looking up and down and you'll be enthralled by so many eye-catching elements. If it's architecture you're interested in, look up: the buildings form a rare collection of Gothic, Neo classical and Victorian styles. Look higher up and the tips of the breathtaking skyscrapers pierce the blue, blue skies.

At street level, a seemingly endless network of lanes and alleys bursts to life daily with hundreds of cafes, bars and coffee houses. Your food options are only limited by your taste buds. Every international cuisine is plated up with unparalleled excellence and the dining offerings keep the fussiest gastronome more than content. The food from all over the world is a reflection of the cosmopolitan nature of the city – it's a true and proud expression of multiculturalism in a vibrant metropolis.

Late, late at night, the historic remaining alleys at the top end of town miraculously transform into a thumping nightspot with hundreds of bars and clubs pulsating till dawn.

If you're after a more sedate pursuit during your time in Melbourne, just walk to the city's perimeter and get lost in the magnificent gardens that surround the town in the clear springtime sunshine. Stroll north along the Yarra River and take in some of nature's best or turn around and head south for yet another blast of culture and food at Southbank or Docklands. The options never stop.

Plan to spend some time here. If the famed shopping doesn't get you in, the theatre district will be sure to have a top-line show playing. But museums might be your thing, or sport, maybe even a trip to the outlying mountains or wine regions of the Yarra Valley or Mornington Peninsula– they're all close by.

Prepare to be impressed with what Melbourne has to offer. It's not just any old city with a big convention centre – it's a must-see destination in its own right